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Jooz 15-06-2008 00:50

Jooz's Diary
:)Hi everyone,
Thought I would start my own diary here and jot down things that are happening on my Cohen's Diet.

I'm about 1/2 way or more with my weight loss and today I celebrated putting on a pair of size 14 Rockman's blue jeans that I have been waiting patiently to get into.

Now this is a big achievement for me because January 1st, 2008 was when I started my Cohen's diet the second time around and I was wearing a size 24/26 then....Picture a balloon size cartoon elephant wearing a tutu with pink slippers, that was what I felt like back then but no more.....So can you see that I am really jazzed over this even with plateau's which can frustrate a person when you are going by the diet tried and true but I have found so many hints on this site to overcome these minor hiccups and I thank everyone so much for sharing all your massive information and your stories.

Now Monday morning I am and will achieve Quit Smoking again. I took up the foul habit again after quitting back in 1991 and not smoking again until in a weak moment back October 2007 I picked up the cigarettes again & started back smoking.

My Cohen diet has taught me how to change my habits and overcome the demons with Behavior modification pattern that we change to. All of this has been such a valuable lesson in life where I am finally being good to myself....So Cohen's has done miracles once more.

I'll post this upcoming journey that I am on and try and post as much as I can as to what I am feeling and how I am conquering these demons we have when we have cravings whether it is with food or smoking.

We sure have a beautiful group of people here from all over the world and I am so glad that I found this group.

Cheers til the next time.


bitten 15-06-2008 01:03

welcome jooz-

you are already a cohen's superstar.
i wish you all the best for smoking cessation.

i look forward to hearing more about your incredible transformation.

well done on the jeans...that rocks!


Annabelle Joy 15-06-2008 22:42

Welcome, Jooz. You're very doing well. You started 10 days before me, and look at what you've achieved. You're almost 2/3 of the way now, and it's all downhill from here. I wish you every success with quitting smoking and look forward to reading of the rest of your journey.


Jooz 25-06-2008 12:11

Update & Thanks everyone for the positive replies
Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for the positive thoughts and replies.

Yes it takes a special person to go along this this journey with Dr. Cohens and alot of will power to not deviate.

Gulp! Quitting smoking when you are so close or in the last leg of the journey to goal weight is impossible because you have to concentrate on two addicted demons, food and cigarettes so all my good thoughts and determination went down the drain as far as the cigarettes go. More important to me is to get to refeed and goal weight and get stabilized on my diet so I am going to concentrate on Dr. Cohens for now and then conquer the Nicotene demon next. I have found out we are all just normal and sometimes we don't want to satobage all the good work on one aspect of our lives so for the moment we take one thing at a time. I have been having tremendous stress in my life at the time being and no this is not excuses because I will have to face my next challenge with the cigs.

My diet is going well and since I have lost alot of weight I find I am not as hungry as I once was.

I have had alot of people ask me if I was alright(they are concerned that I am sick & I explain that NO I've been on a diet) and giving alot of compliments that I look really good which boosts my self esteem. LOL my dear hubby calls me now his thin wife and I am not even at goal. On this time around I want to achieve my goal weight and refeed and be that petite lady that has been hiding behind all that fat.

I had hesitated posting because I was dissapointed in myself very much for not quitting smoking but I have to be realistic and do one thing at a time, at this time it is more important to drop the weight since I am so close and now I am working on myself and ways to overcome obsessive eating when I do quit smoking. I plan on getting some counseling to help me better cope with quitting cigarettes and overeating, I want to know why it is in my chemical makeup to do these things.

Taking one day at a time and not beating myself up for being human.


lucylou 25-06-2008 12:43

Hi Jooz

One thing at a time, one day at a time. I reckon you've made a good decision. You'll quit smoking when the time is right. I'm lucky in that the last cigarette I ever smoked made me feel so sick I never smoked again, it was easy. But the food has been a completely different story. I've eaten till I've felt sick time and time again but it never stopped me from doing it again.

I see you're on the Sunshine Coast. I work in Maroochydore. if you want to meet up sometime that would be great. I live on Bribie Island and drive up the Bruce H'way every day. I don't start work until mid afternoon so we could always meet up in the morning or at lunchtime.



Jooz 26-06-2008 11:15

Hi Neighbor! :)
8-)Hi Lucylou!

Thanks for the words of encouragements....

I know how that is about food, buy a package of your favorite cookies and just can't stop at having one and finishing the whole pack off without a blink of the eye....and then feeling sick for the rest of the day... :o

I know that I have strong willpower but it is just getting it channeled in the right direction with every challenge I take on in life, Cigarettes just wasn't right for now.

I'd love to get together and have a cuppa' and discuss our Cohen's ventures and support each other thru this trip of getting skinny....My goal is size 12 jeans and clothes...and maybe even 10's.

Sugar is my worst enemy in this food fight that I have with myself and of all things CHOCOLATE.....

Someone told me recently that Chocolate was a comfort food....ahhhhh will I ever be able to eat it in small portions, that will be another challenge I will conquer.

When I was in the states last year I found a very nice "Cinnabon" with creme cheese that I totally loved and I know that would be another treat that I would just have to work hard at controlling the portions because it was just so yummy, We found them at the Walmart Bakery close to my son's house. LOL my nephew and I were always counting them each morning to make sure no one raided them the night before. I recently sent my nephew an email and told him that he could have them all because I don't want to sabotage all my weight loss.

I guess that just refraining from SUGAR will be my best bet after re-feed and having that piece of fruit because that seems to curtail my sugar cravings for now.

Thanks again for all the positive words and hope to catch up with you soon Lucylou,


lucylou 26-06-2008 11:23

Hi Jooz

I'm sending you a PM with my phone number and I look forward to seeing you soon.

I know what you mean about the food in the States, I just wanted to try everything, those guys have invented so much food that's full of sugar and carbs it defies belief. Even their cornbread is like cake yet they eat it with savoury food, amazing, and so very very yummy. I doubt that you could eat one of those Cinnabons now though.



Jooz 09-07-2008 23:29

Update on my journey to become a NEW ME!
Hello everyone,
I'm tooling along on my diet here and thought I best post some of my good news because I just never dreamed that I would be in a size 12/14 in such a short time, now when I started I was sure filling out a Size 26 and that was as recent as January 1st, 2008.....hubba hubba

Another really big pick me up I ran into a lady who I worked with at the Retirement Village(my job was with the Construction Company that is building and renovating the village) This dear lady just couldn't get over how much weight I had lost and that I was looking so skinny....she kept raving that I had lost that other person that I was carrying around, she said that she almost didn't know me. This dear lady is such a beautiful person and she is carrying around alot of excessive weight too and I had tried to talk to her before about Cohen's because her supervisor had asked me too and you know it just wasn't the time in her life to lose weight, and one last thing she said when I saw her last week that she was going to look into the diet and maybe taking that final step to change herself & her life too. Gosh I hope she will get herself psyched up and make that decision & that would make me feel really good to know that all my hard work on myself influenced someone to add more years onto their life and be more healthier too.

Cohen's works alot of miracles for alot of people....It just has to come from the inside when we all do that soul searching.

Gosh everyone is doing such a great job with each of their diets and we are literally all getting skinny and starting new lives for ourselves.....

Everytime I visit this group I learn something new it is so full of all kind of positive information and hints. I just love all the positive vibes I get from reading everyone's posts....

Cheers til next time,
(tired of it being so cold here in Qld and really looking forward to summer ..... hubba hubba showing off in my bathing suit :cool: )

Annabelle Joy 10-07-2008 00:28

You've done really well so far, Jooz. We have about the same to lose now, I started 11 January, and you've lost about 10 kgs more than me so far.

It just has to come from the inside when we all do that soul searching.
I definitely agree with this. We all reach our own point where we decide we will do it no matter what. Until someone feels that for themselves they are not ready to tackle it.


Andy46 10-07-2008 08:25

Good on you have done so well and its good to see are a champion and a winner!!!

Your hard work is now giving good results and inspiration to others to get of their behind and have a go...and you will look better and better as the next few weeks roll by.

Have a great time !!


lucylou 20-07-2008 00:44

Hi Jooz

Hope you're still going well. I'm hoping to catch up with you one Tuesday now that I'm on holidays for a couple of weeks. And as for it being cold in Queensland, it was a beautiful day today, and I've been swimming in the ocean quite few times this week. Beautiful one day, perfect the next!



Jooz 01-08-2008 19:24

Looking forward to Re-feed & Maintenance
;)Hi everyone,
Thought it might just be a good idea to update my poor little diary here.

I'm still tooling along and dropping my weight the Cohen's way. At this point and time I have noticed that it is alot slower than before but I can sure tell it in my clothes more than ever.

Since losing my weight when I see somebody I know they seem to take a double look to make sure that I am me. I love all the compliments too. This has been the nicest adjustment in my lifestyle that I have ever achieved and I just love it.

I am celebrating a couple of Health benefits too,

I no longer require the Hernia surgery, since I have lost all the weight I don't have the constant daily pain that I did when I was heavy and the Doctor is leaving it up to me as a choice now instead of a necessity to live a painfree life. My doctor explained that the weight had alot to do with all the pain I was having and now there is no more pressure put on the stomach as before.

I no longer require the Blood Pressure medication that I took for 10 years due to being overweight and I am watching it closely to make sure that it is not a false hope. My doctor took me off the medication one week ago completely. She tapered me down from one pill to 1/2 of a pill then a 1/4 of a pill to nothing, because the blood pressure was low.

Thank you Dr. Cohen's for giving me my life back!;)

There have been many other nice surprises with feeling better but these are the latest. It is all up to me now and you definitely know which way I will go.....keeping this weight off definitely!

Take care everyone and until next time,

Happy Cohen's journey everyone,:gscales:

p.s. Lucylou Meet us for coffee when you can, there's a great group of ladies that get together each week and we would love to have you join us!

louise41 01-08-2008 19:30

Joooooozzzzz Your doing a wonderful job!!! size 14 jeans how good is that!!!! You are so close to the end. So great to see the way you have turned your health around, you must be positively jumping out of your skin.
Go girl!!


KitKat 01-08-2008 21:50

Hi Jooz

I'm starting where you did back in January - squeezing into size 24/26 jeans and hating it - but you have had an amazing result :) - I'd be thrilled to be pulling on a pair of size 14 jeans and more importantly your health has improved. Have a great weekend

Jooz 07-09-2008 11:20

Originally Posted today on "Hidden Gems" thread by Koh
#115 Today, 09:57
Junior Member
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Sunshine Coast
Posts: 22

Thank you Koh for gathering up all the POSITIVES & putting them in one place!
Thank you Koh!

What a real delight to come to this section of the forum and read just everything that has "suddenly dawned on me after losing almost 50 kilos" from the very beginning of my Cohen's journey.

I started out at 110 kilos back in October of 2006 and lost 26 kilos and then emotional eating took over and I gained it all back to 105 kilos. January 1, 2008 I started the journey again and now I am around 62 - 63 kilos ......

* I have saved my own life by losing the weight and added years to my life!

* I no longer require surgery or have severe pain for surgical hernia's from botched surgeries or was it my own fault because I ate all the time, now I am able to manage them 100% and I was in alot of horrific pain evidently from the fat & twisted guts & now I'm not, just a hiccup every now and then but nothing that I can't live with.

* I feel so much better about myself and I am at peace with me and for once in my life I love myself which is the most important thing!

* People actually take double takes when they see me now because they try to figure out if they know me or not!

* No More blood pressure medication that I took for bloody 10 years, I don't need it!

* My cholesterol medication has been reduced in half & my doctor is pleased with my health which has improved 100%. (family history of high cholesterol & father had stroke @ 60yrs., all contributing factors to her precautions with keeping me on it, otherwise I would be off it now)

* I feel better than I have in over 20+ years physically and mentally, I feel that I have a whole new lease on life!

******& best of all I finally have learned HOW TO EAT HEALTHY for the first time in my life, after the initial shock of reduced amts. of food, better food choices I eat to live, not live to eat!

Thank you everyone for being here so that I could share this!

Have a Happy Cohen's Day!


Jooz 07-09-2008 11:40

Been a Busy little Cohenite here!
Hi everyone,
I've been literally a busy little Cohenite here lately, alot of things going on in my life and I just don't get to the forum that much. I posted the above Post on another section of the Forum and thought it just might be a good idea to put it also on my diary which I've neglected for awhile.

My cohen's journey is winding down now and I am waiting for refeed.

What a magnificent journey it is and will be for the rest of my life.

I have had to change my goal weight due to medical reasons and Dr.'s advice, age is also a factor for me. But all good and I am happy with it. I was beginning to look emaciated and decided to listen to my doctors advice and be happy with what she wanted me at.

It is such a pleasure to be in small clothes again & I am loving shopping for a new wardrobe!

Everyone keep up the great job and Keep Cohening it up!

Smile & Hugs,

Kohinoor 07-09-2008 11:44

Hi Jooz,

Thank you everyone for being here so that I could share this!
No, THANK YOU for sharing that with us. What an inspiration it is to hear of all the good you've made happen for yourself. :cool:


I am at peace with me and for once in my life I love myself which is the most important thing!

Got that right, girl - and I'll bet THAT would be changing your life in SO many ways.

You must already be into Size 10's by now (or bloody close to it) - yes?



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