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Default Two years plus after Cohen's... now..??

Hi all,

It's been ages since I've been on the forums.

I just weighed myself on the scales this morning after.. well, over a year of weighing (seriously!) and I weighed.. *drumroll*


Believe me, I was much surprised too!

I started off at 69kg (probably the heaviest ever) at the start of the programme, and the goal was about 54 or 55 kg, I think. I reached that in a mere three months (looking back, it felt much longer!!).

I just wanted to share with you all how my journey has been over the past two years.

Biggest question probably is: "did you gain some weight back?" Yes, I did - perhaps 4 or 5 kg I think. I think it was perhaps less than a year in after I "graduated".. I was in a phase of life where drinking was a bit of the norm, and having a late supper. New friends.. but then I stopped doing that, and I swung into over-compensation. Hardly ate anything but yoghurt and some crackers. Scoured the NY forums for maintenance tips and generally became quite obsessed with how I ate.

The outcome? I just kept the weight on! Or maybe weighed a bit less, I'm not sure because I didn't want to be ruled by the scales. I was going with how my clothes fit. The point was that it didn't work for me.

Months went by, I moved to a new city, for a new job. Lost a bit of weight because of the stress of moving.. six months down the line.. I heard about taking one tbsp of coconut oil in the morning, as it would help with hunger pangs, increases metabolism and is generally a "good fat". I did for a few months. I think I lost some kgs. Mostly, my hair became really divine.

And then, I gave up. Gave up obsessing about food that is. Stopped taking coconut oil (my hair went back to frizziness. :\ Contemplating taking it regularly again).

I ate normally. I ate rice when I wanted. Whatever I wanted. Including dessert. At one point, I went to the field and ate rice three times a day for a week. I came back skinnier!

I mentioned that to a friend, and she said, "well, I think your body was just starving for carbs!"

It was an eye-opener.

These days, I eat carefully - not so much about keeping weight off but for healthwise. I usually cook at home (when I'm not travelling - and I do A LOT), and I eat brown or red rice. I eat what my body tells me it craves for.

If it wants an egg tart NOW, and I haven't had carbs yet. I just eat that egg tart.

Oh yes, I haven't stuck to the maintenance guidelines per se (separating proteins, eating carbs before dessert). Instead I listen to my body very carefully for what it wants.

If I'm not being very active, I certainly eat less.

A few months ago, I was in Europe (woo!) and I walked and walked like crazy. Also ate enough too. Came back skinnier.

Now, I'm not sure whether I'd stay at the low 50s - secretly, I would love to!

What I'm learning to accept is that some weight fluctuation is going to be normal as long as I don't go overboard (i.e. eating yoghurt every day) in trying to lose the extra kgs.

Going on Cohen's was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've come away with more awareness with what my body needs.

These days, I do have a couple of "food rules". I'll try to remember them for you here:

1. No more ice/cold drinks. It doesn't do my tummy good. Digestion is poor. Only hot/warm drinks.

2. I try not to drink when I'm eating. I've noticed that I have to be very gentle on my tummy to avoid tummy upsets and Ayurvedic rules seem to work best for me (also see no. 1). Drinking while eating, tends to give me "wind" in my tummy. And it hurts. I drink after my meal, - ideally an hour but I'm not very good with that. The good thing about this rule is that it reminds myself to keep myself hydrated so that I'm not thirsty when it comes to my meals.

3. Eat what I like. And when I'm satisfied, stop. Now, this often means not completing my meals (and I get a lot of flack from others for this - well, please don't fill up my plate then! I know how much I will eat). If I feel uncomfortably full, I try to walk it off. Again, this doesn't always happen (the walking off) but it's something I try to instill in myself.

4. Try not to eat out often, and when I do, choose foods that are not cooked in MSG (YUCK! Gives me major headaches now), salty or fried. I try to go for healthier foods, even if it means it's a bit more expensive. But you know what that then means? Eat out less! This is a hard one to obey when I'm travelling, or out with friends (all my friends are foodies!) but they now have gotten used to my "strange habits" so it's all good.

5. Fruit. It is good for you. I try to eat fruit at least once a day, especially before meals - especially if I'm really hungry. Fruit, according to Ayurvedic, is good on an empty stomach as it helps prepare the stomach for digestion. Try not to have fruit after a meal though. It apparently just ferments on top of all the other food that you're currently digesting (don't know how true this is but I know it feels better to have fruit before than after).

I love me some bananas, but I try to eat green apples, and other fruit as well.

6. Less wheat is good for you. This means, no more bread (sigh!) or pasta for me. I do eat noodles occasionally and other wheat-based products (very hard to avoid when you're not eating at home) but I try to minimize this. I didn't do this for weight purposes, I did it for digestion purposes. I found out that wheat makes me feel bloated. It tastes good while you're eating it, but after that.. ugh... I feel awful.

In summary, I came about with these "rules" because I was trying to make my digestion better - I've always had poor digestion, which means poor constipation, and I think that reflects on my weight gain. When I focus on making my digestion feel right - I lose the extra weight. In some ways, it's an easier feeling to ensure I'm eating right for my digestion, rather than eating right to lose weight. You're not so paranoid anymore. And you do it without thinking too much about it.

For example, I avoid bread regularly because "it makes me feel bloated, and my tummy doesn't feel so good for hours". Not "I avoid bread because it would make me fat" (add the extra inner whinging, wah wah! Life is so unfair!).

In essence, it's a personal journey for all of us. What works for me, perhaps doesn't work for you.. and it's a matter of trial & error, reading up a lot, testing hypotheses, etc.

I don't deny that I don't always obsess about gaining weight - but I reckon it's good to have a little bit of a warning bell in my head, to ensure good eating habits. But I also know now to not have that warning bell clanging constantly in my head, and being so paranoid of what I put in my mouth - because ironically, that's when you gain weight too.

I wish you all the best in your maintenance, and for those currently on the Path - the Cohen path that is.. YOU CAN DO IT!!

I embarked on the Cohen journey in Jan 2010 and lost about 13.2kg in three months or so. I mostly kept the weight off since until recently due to immense stress and grieving. Here I am once again on August 2018, older, wiser and heavier...


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