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Default Re: Two years plus after Cohen's... now..??

Thank you LittleMiss. What an inspirational post. I failed at my maintenance and now I'm back here again. Your idea of blaming food rules on digestion is far better than focusing totally on rules for weightloss.

I'm going to adopt this! Thanks

ďItís not that some people have willpower and some donít.
Itís that some people are ready to change and others are not.Ē ~James Gordon

Cohens ~ Round 2
~~ Start: 18.11.2012 ~~ Goal 1: 70s, Done 20.1.13 Goal 2: Wear bathers, Done 8.1.13 (soooo hot here!) Goal 3: 77.7kg - Reach 'Overweight' status, Done 7.2.13 Goal 4: 60s, Done 29.3.13 Goal 5: 64.7kg - Reach 'Normal Weight' status, Goal 6: Zumba!, Goal 7: 50s, Goal 8: Final weight - 55kg!
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