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Hi everyone,
Thought I would start my own diary here and jot down things that are happening on my Cohen's Diet.

I'm about 1/2 way or more with my weight loss and today I celebrated putting on a pair of size 14 Rockman's blue jeans that I have been waiting patiently to get into.

Now this is a big achievement for me because January 1st, 2008 was when I started my Cohen's diet the second time around and I was wearing a size 24/26 then....Picture a balloon size cartoon elephant wearing a tutu with pink slippers, that was what I felt like back then but no more.....So can you see that I am really jazzed over this even with plateau's which can frustrate a person when you are going by the diet tried and true but I have found so many hints on this site to overcome these minor hiccups and I thank everyone so much for sharing all your massive information and your stories.

Now Monday morning I am and will achieve Quit Smoking again. I took up the foul habit again after quitting back in 1991 and not smoking again until in a weak moment back October 2007 I picked up the cigarettes again & started back smoking.

My Cohen diet has taught me how to change my habits and overcome the demons with Behavior modification pattern that we change to. All of this has been such a valuable lesson in life where I am finally being good to myself....So Cohen's has done miracles once more.

I'll post this upcoming journey that I am on and try and post as much as I can as to what I am feeling and how I am conquering these demons we have when we have cravings whether it is with food or smoking.

We sure have a beautiful group of people here from all over the world and I am so glad that I found this group.

Cheers til the next time.


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