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Thumbs up Hi Neighbor! :)

Hi Lucylou!

Thanks for the words of encouragements....

I know how that is about food, buy a package of your favorite cookies and just can't stop at having one and finishing the whole pack off without a blink of the eye....and then feeling sick for the rest of the day...

I know that I have strong willpower but it is just getting it channeled in the right direction with every challenge I take on in life, Cigarettes just wasn't right for now.

I'd love to get together and have a cuppa' and discuss our Cohen's ventures and support each other thru this trip of getting skinny....My goal is size 12 jeans and clothes...and maybe even 10's.

Sugar is my worst enemy in this food fight that I have with myself and of all things CHOCOLATE.....

Someone told me recently that Chocolate was a comfort food....ahhhhh will I ever be able to eat it in small portions, that will be another challenge I will conquer.

When I was in the states last year I found a very nice "Cinnabon" with creme cheese that I totally loved and I know that would be another treat that I would just have to work hard at controlling the portions because it was just so yummy, We found them at the Walmart Bakery close to my son's house. LOL my nephew and I were always counting them each morning to make sure no one raided them the night before. I recently sent my nephew an email and told him that he could have them all because I don't want to sabotage all my weight loss.

I guess that just refraining from SUGAR will be my best bet after re-feed and having that piece of fruit because that seems to curtail my sugar cravings for now.

Thanks again for all the positive words and hope to catch up with you soon Lucylou,


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