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Thumbs up Update on my journey to become a NEW ME!

Hello everyone,
I'm tooling along on my diet here and thought I best post some of my good news because I just never dreamed that I would be in a size 12/14 in such a short time, now when I started I was sure filling out a Size 26 and that was as recent as January 1st, 2008.....hubba hubba

Another really big pick me up I ran into a lady who I worked with at the Retirement Village(my job was with the Construction Company that is building and renovating the village) This dear lady just couldn't get over how much weight I had lost and that I was looking so skinny....she kept raving that I had lost that other person that I was carrying around, she said that she almost didn't know me. This dear lady is such a beautiful person and she is carrying around alot of excessive weight too and I had tried to talk to her before about Cohen's because her supervisor had asked me too and you know it just wasn't the time in her life to lose weight, and one last thing she said when I saw her last week that she was going to look into the diet and maybe taking that final step to change herself & her life too. Gosh I hope she will get herself psyched up and make that decision & that would make me feel really good to know that all my hard work on myself influenced someone to add more years onto their life and be more healthier too.

Cohen's works alot of miracles for alot of people....It just has to come from the inside when we all do that soul searching.

Gosh everyone is doing such a great job with each of their diets and we are literally all getting skinny and starting new lives for ourselves.....

Everytime I visit this group I learn something new it is so full of all kind of positive information and hints. I just love all the positive vibes I get from reading everyone's posts....

Cheers til next time,
(tired of it being so cold here in Qld and really looking forward to summer ..... hubba hubba showing off in my bathing suit )

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