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My NYF Diary

You've done really well so far, Jooz. We have about the same to lose now, I started 11 January, and you've lost about 10 kgs more than me so far.
It just has to come from the inside when we all do that soul searching.
I definitely agree with this. We all reach our own point where we decide we will do it no matter what. Until someone feels that for themselves they are not ready to tackle it.

Started 11/1/08. Lowest weight reached 63.8 kgs on 10/11/08 and 40 kgs down. Thank you Dr Cohen.
Back again to do it all over again, starting from exactly the same weight as last time.
My health is not good and my doctor is predicting all sorts of nasty things if I don't lose weight.
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Back again for the support. Still think the diet and the forum are the best ever, but too old to do it again. Now losing again slowly on maintenance diet. Ticker shows next intermediate goal only (5 kilos).

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