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Old 15-06-2008, 00:50
Jooz Female Jooz is offline
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Default Jooz's Diary

Hi everyone,
Thought I would start my own diary here and jot down things that are happening on my Cohen's Diet.

I'm about 1/2 way or more with my weight loss and today I celebrated putting on a pair of size 14 Rockman's blue jeans that I have been waiting patiently to get into.

Now this is a big achievement for me because January 1st, 2008 was when I started my Cohen's diet the second time around and I was wearing a size 24/26 then....Picture a balloon size cartoon elephant wearing a tutu with pink slippers, that was what I felt like back then but no more.....So can you see that I am really jazzed over this even with plateau's which can frustrate a person when you are going by the diet tried and true but I have found so many hints on this site to overcome these minor hiccups and I thank everyone so much for sharing all your massive information and your stories.

Now Monday morning I am and will achieve Quit Smoking again. I took up the foul habit again after quitting back in 1991 and not smoking again until in a weak moment back October 2007 I picked up the cigarettes again & started back smoking.

My Cohen diet has taught me how to change my habits and overcome the demons with Behavior modification pattern that we change to. All of this has been such a valuable lesson in life where I am finally being good to myself....So Cohen's has done miracles once more.

I'll post this upcoming journey that I am on and try and post as much as I can as to what I am feeling and how I am conquering these demons we have when we have cravings whether it is with food or smoking.

We sure have a beautiful group of people here from all over the world and I am so glad that I found this group.

Cheers til the next time.


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Old 15-06-2008, 01:03
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welcome jooz-

you are already a cohen's superstar.
i wish you all the best for smoking cessation.

i look forward to hearing more about your incredible transformation.

well done on the jeans...that rocks!


yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift! that is why it is called 'the present'.
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Old 15-06-2008, 22:42
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Annabelle Joy Female Annabelle Joy is offline
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My NYF Diary

Welcome, Jooz. You're very doing well. You started 10 days before me, and look at what you've achieved. You're almost 2/3 of the way now, and it's all downhill from here. I wish you every success with quitting smoking and look forward to reading of the rest of your journey.

Started 11/1/08. Lowest weight reached 63.8 kgs on 10/11/08 and 40 kgs down. Thank you Dr Cohen.
Back again to do it all over again, starting from exactly the same weight as last time.
My health is not good and my doctor is predicting all sorts of nasty things if I don't lose weight.
What else do I do? I help people make money and I help people save money. Please take a look at
Back again for the support. Still think the diet and the forum are the best ever, but too old to do it again. Now losing again slowly on maintenance diet. Ticker shows next intermediate goal only (5 kilos).

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Old 25-06-2008, 12:11
Jooz Female Jooz is offline
Feeling more at home
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Sunshine Coast
Posts: 27
Thumbs up Update & Thanks everyone for the positive replies

Hi everyone,
Thanks so much for the positive thoughts and replies.

Yes it takes a special person to go along this this journey with Dr. Cohens and alot of will power to not deviate.

Gulp! Quitting smoking when you are so close or in the last leg of the journey to goal weight is impossible because you have to concentrate on two addicted demons, food and cigarettes so all my good thoughts and determination went down the drain as far as the cigarettes go. More important to me is to get to refeed and goal weight and get stabilized on my diet so I am going to concentrate on Dr. Cohens for now and then conquer the Nicotene demon next. I have found out we are all just normal and sometimes we don't want to satobage all the good work on one aspect of our lives so for the moment we take one thing at a time. I have been having tremendous stress in my life at the time being and no this is not excuses because I will have to face my next challenge with the cigs.

My diet is going well and since I have lost alot of weight I find I am not as hungry as I once was.

I have had alot of people ask me if I was alright(they are concerned that I am sick & I explain that NO I've been on a diet) and giving alot of compliments that I look really good which boosts my self esteem. LOL my dear hubby calls me now his thin wife and I am not even at goal. On this time around I want to achieve my goal weight and refeed and be that petite lady that has been hiding behind all that fat.

I had hesitated posting because I was dissapointed in myself very much for not quitting smoking but I have to be realistic and do one thing at a time, at this time it is more important to drop the weight since I am so close and now I am working on myself and ways to overcome obsessive eating when I do quit smoking. I plan on getting some counseling to help me better cope with quitting cigarettes and overeating, I want to know why it is in my chemical makeup to do these things.

Taking one day at a time and not beating myself up for being human.


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Old 25-06-2008, 12:43
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lucylou Female lucylou is offline
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Hi Jooz

One thing at a time, one day at a time. I reckon you've made a good decision. You'll quit smoking when the time is right. I'm lucky in that the last cigarette I ever smoked made me feel so sick I never smoked again, it was easy. But the food has been a completely different story. I've eaten till I've felt sick time and time again but it never stopped me from doing it again.

I see you're on the Sunshine Coast. I work in Maroochydore. if you want to meet up sometime that would be great. I live on Bribie Island and drive up the Bruce H'way every day. I don't start work until mid afternoon so we could always meet up in the morning or at lunchtime.


Highest weight pre-Cohen: 93 kg Start weight: 88 kg
6 months @100% 28 kg gone.
Back to basics now to get 14 kg off again.

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Old 26-06-2008, 11:15
Jooz Female Jooz is offline
Feeling more at home
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Sunshine Coast
Posts: 27
Thumbs up Hi Neighbor! :)

Hi Lucylou!

Thanks for the words of encouragements....

I know how that is about food, buy a package of your favorite cookies and just can't stop at having one and finishing the whole pack off without a blink of the eye....and then feeling sick for the rest of the day...

I know that I have strong willpower but it is just getting it channeled in the right direction with every challenge I take on in life, Cigarettes just wasn't right for now.

I'd love to get together and have a cuppa' and discuss our Cohen's ventures and support each other thru this trip of getting skinny....My goal is size 12 jeans and clothes...and maybe even 10's.

Sugar is my worst enemy in this food fight that I have with myself and of all things CHOCOLATE.....

Someone told me recently that Chocolate was a comfort food....ahhhhh will I ever be able to eat it in small portions, that will be another challenge I will conquer.

When I was in the states last year I found a very nice "Cinnabon" with creme cheese that I totally loved and I know that would be another treat that I would just have to work hard at controlling the portions because it was just so yummy, We found them at the Walmart Bakery close to my son's house. LOL my nephew and I were always counting them each morning to make sure no one raided them the night before. I recently sent my nephew an email and told him that he could have them all because I don't want to sabotage all my weight loss.

I guess that just refraining from SUGAR will be my best bet after re-feed and having that piece of fruit because that seems to curtail my sugar cravings for now.

Thanks again for all the positive words and hope to catch up with you soon Lucylou,


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