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Standard Drink Sizes
The following standard drinks have approximately 8-10 grams of alcohol:

30ml of spirits(40% alc/vol)
60ml of fortified wine(18% alc/vol)
100ml of champagne(12% alc/vol)
150ml of wine(12% alc/vol)
150ml of light wine(8% alc/vol)
280ml of beer(4.9% alc/vol)
375ml of light beer(2.8% alc/vol)

When do I eat my crackers and fruit? How far apart do they need to be spaced?

The Stream Theory

Aka: Time needed between eating things...

We quite often get asked whether you need to wait between fruit and crackers, or crackers and meals, or other combinations of the same question... Well... The easiest way to think about it is as if there are three streams.

Stream 1: Meals.
You must wait at LEAST 5 hours between meals (it’s not advisable to wait any longer than about 7 hours during the day, but 5 hours is a minimum). Don’t forget you can have the meals in any order, but must have a meal 1, 2 and 3 each day.

Stream 2: Crackers:
You must not have any more than 2 crackers at a time, then you must wait 2.5 hours to have any more. So, you can have one, or two, but must wait 2.5 hours to have more.

Stream 3: Fruit:
You must not have any more than one piece at a time (yes, you can have a half) but then should wait 2.5 hours to have any more.

The Time limits only exist within the streams. There are no time limits BETWEEN the streams. So, you can have a Meal, then have a piece of fruit an hour later, then a cracker an hour later, then another cracker 2.5 hours later, then the next meal half an hour later. See?

Hopefully this will help you organise your day more effectively


Exercise is not part of this program.

Exercise is not taken into account when your programme is written.

The amount of exercise you do is not sent to Dr Cohen.

He doesn't add any food or anything else, regardless of whether you understood your clinic to have said something different.

The Exercise question is on the Enrolment Form PURELY so that your clinic can see what you're doing and discuss exercise with you. If you tick that you do exercise your clinic will usually ask 'how much and what kind' and talk to you about modifying it if necessary.

Exercise can make you hungry and often leads to deviations.

Exercise is best left until after you have lost the weight

Do I have to finish all my food?

Finishing all your food: you must eat all your meals every day and finish the entire portion, even if you don’t feel hungry.

You must eat all your crispbread and fruit for the first 10 days on the program.

I can't have my last meal until 11pm. Do I have to stay up until 1am now?

Eating before 9pm and waiting 2 hours before going to sleep:
- Eat before 9pm
- Wait 2 hours before going to sleep (yes that is sleep, not bed. You can watch TV or read waiting for the 2 hours to pass).

You should aim to be organised to make sure this can happen every day.

However, in “emergencies” where this is just impossible, you should never skip a meal. And if you have no choice but to eat at midnight, don’t stay up until 2am just to obey the 2 hour rule. Here is a great link explaining it.

But remember – sticking to the rules 100% will lead to the best weight loss Cohens can offer you.

Bulk cooking, batch cooking

Bulk cooking: if you want to do a big batch of soups or casseroles you need to either do them in separate pots or do the vegetables separate from the protein to ensure the correct quantities and ratio of protein to vegetables

Gem Squash
Gem squash (not to be confused with button or yellow squash) must be weighed cooked. (would be good to insert a pic of a gem squash here. I think Little Miss had one in her diary....)

Weighing food - cooked or raw?
Weighing food: all food, except gem squash, must be weighed raw. You cannot weigh cooked meat and try to guestimate if it is right.


Chilli: if used fresh they must be weighed with your vege allowance for each meal.

If dried, one teaspoon total per day (including any herbs you have).


Herbs: if these are used fresh they must be weighed with your vege allowance for each meal.

If dried, one teaspoon total per day.

Garlic, Ginger

Garlic and Ginger: bottled/crushed are not allowed – must be fresh or dried.


Cheese -limit to 3 times per week.

Some people find it stalls weight loss but don’t avoid it completely unless you notice it really is making a difference.

Caffeine, coffee and softdrinks

Caffeine is allowed, including coke zero and normal diet coke.

You can have up to 8 cups of coffee per day, but if you are drinking caffeinated softdrink then only 3 cups of coffee per day.

Don't forget that black tea also contains caffeine. White, green, rooibos and herbal teas do not contain caffeine.


Broccoli is not allowed.


Saladas: two small squares = 1 crispbread from your allowance. Wholemeal Saladas are not allowed


Yoghurt: make sure yours meets the requirements and specifically does not contain inulin which can significantly slow down weight loss for some people. If you are struggling to get used to the taste of natural yoghurt, check out this thread - if you can't find something there that helps you be able to eat it, we will be surprised! Keep trying different brands until you find one that is nice and creamy

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