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katiefrank70 14-07-2008 22:44

My new life
Hi, my name is Katie. I have been a cohenite for a whole 3 days. I have a lot of weight to lose, and Cohen's is the first ever Proper diet I have ever done.
In my research on Cohen's, I came across your wonderful forum. And after spending many many hours of reading and recipe swipeing :rolleyes:, (which I hope you don't mind, they all sounded so yummy.) I started my Plan on the 12 July. It was great to read the diaries, the problems, and the support that is so consistantly evident here. I find this forum to be a very strong source of inspiration.
I decided to do the diary as it seems to really help those who are having trouble. And if some way, that my story will even remotely help anyone, then that is terrific.
My mum told me about the Cohen's through a close friend of hers being a successful cohenite. We were going to do the plan together, but unfortunately due to long life of illness, mum is unable to do it. But wishes all the best to us who have decided to take our "bad" lifestyle and change it for the better.
Being a very busy woman, with studying, teens, work. Life was always the fastest way to eat. Hence the huge weight gain. Now with a little prep work, my kids are terrific in helping, I can come home from work and have my meal cooked within 15mins. Loving it :D
I decided not to hide from friends or workmates in regards to my transition to Cohen lifestyle. How can you hide it when the weight seems to evaporate in thin air. And am very surprised at the reaction I have been receiving. So many bad, unsupportive comments have been flowing to me. Just the other night, I was asked to work on, and not having any allowed food with me, I just asked for a cracker and 1/2 orange to tie me over till I got home. My supervisor sneered at me, and said "oh that's right, you're on THAT diet". I was hurt and more than a bit upset, then it hit me. A lot of people dont want you to succeed, because they don't have the courage to change. It only made me more determine to succeed. My family are the support I need.
Anyhoo, enough of the negative, I must say, that the polls were a great idea. In fact the whole of this site is great. I want to say thank you to all of how supportive, how informative you all are. This transition wont be the easiest thing I have done. But if it's worth doing, it's worth doing properly. I would love to post a before pic of me, but couldn't find out how. Though they are rare, I HATE the reality of photos :eek: and of what I let myself become.
Well until next time. Keep up the good work cohenites.

(not sure if the ticker will work) not good at computers

Annabelle Joy 14-07-2008 23:29

Welcome, Katie. You are correct, this forum is a great support if you are doing Cohen's. It won't be to long before people stop sneering, as they see the results you will be achieving.

Instructions for posting photos are here : The easiest way of resizing if you are not used to editing photos is to right click on the photo you want, choose Send To then Mail Recipient and email the photo to yourself. It will be resized for you and should be small enough. It's certainly worth having photos of yourself from all angles as you are now. You may not like them now, but you will love looking back at them, even if you don't show them to others.


louise41 15-07-2008 01:20

Welcome Katie,
I wish you the best of luck on the diet.
In the words of kamahl, "why are people so unkind?"
Your work colleagues will be eating their words when they see the weight coming off and then will be asking you how they can get their hands on the diet!

losing 15-07-2008 07:35

Hi there

I finished the program nearly 18 months ago and I still believe in it and have kept the weight off. You will love it.

And Aj is right it is important to have photos (I still look at my before to remind me of where there is no going back to).

Hope you find this the best thing for you. ANd it is great that the kids are involved.

Stoddy 15-07-2008 07:45

Hi Katie

You know what ... you aren't going to find any negative comments here .. we all know this program works ... and we would all shout it from the rooftops I reckon .. hehe.
Welcome to the gang ... this forum rocks .. I update pretty much every day ... and love the people I have met on here .. all of them !!
I keep a box of salada's at work .. actually I have the other girls having a 10am bickie break with me now .. and if I go anywhere I always have a couple of crackers in my bag just incase.

Good luck with your losses .. once you see that scale keep moving .. you will never look back !!


katiefrank70 15-07-2008 20:04

Hi folks back again.

Thank you for your kind replies. Great idea stoddy on keeping bickies at work. I will have to carry a few with me, would hate to start deviating. First time is always the hardest right??

Well today was very interesting. Found out I am an emotional eater. Just lately due to study and work I have been under a lot of stress. I had my calcs and med exam today. I was so scared I shook for hours after, even after I found out my results. I passed, I passed, I passed!!! :groovy:all that cramming helped. Was like the world was lifted off my shoulders :(. In celebration the girls wanted to go to Maccas and have cappacino and muffin. It was one of the hardest things to say NO! be strong, I cant go because its too early to put temptation in my path. So far I haven't found it so difficult but today, it would have been too hard.

I was very naughty today and weighed myself. Didn't wait until my saturday weigh date. Just jumped straight on and found out I have lost 1.5 kg. wooooohhoooo in only 3 days. I had to text my mum straight away because I was so excited. I guess this progress kept me straight and eager to continue. That 1.5 kg equates 3 med size margarines. When I think of it this way, its like WOW, that much. Gives me context.

So all in all, I have had a wonderful day. The future beckons, and so does my tea. Im starving!!!
Take care all. May your hands always have something to do :rolleyes:

Annabelle Joy 15-07-2008 22:53

Congratulations on the exam result, Katie, and also on not giving in to any temptations. It's important not to deviate at all on this diet, and in some ways that makes it easier. In others, of course, it makes it a lot harder.


louise41 16-07-2008 00:14

congratulation on the 1.5kgs, your doing great - i bet that healped you resist the maccas.. Great results!!!

katiefrank70 18-07-2008 19:16

Hi again.

Thanks Aj and louise, yes it does feel great to be achieving what I have wanted for a long time.

Well it has been a very big week. Just finished my 1st week of clinical prac in the hospital. Wooooo so much to learn and so little time. I thought 6 weeks would be plenty but now Im not so sure.

Today I felt very proud of myself. One of the nurses is leaving to go home to Tamworth, and the NUM put on a morning tea for us all. There was cakes galore. So many cup cakes, cheesecake, caramal tarts (you name it, it was there). I had a look, and to my own surprise, felt absolutely no desire for any. In fact they looked sickly. It totally blew me away. Even just a few weeks ago I would have snatched 2 and sneaked back for more:eek:. But not this fat little duckling, not any more!!

One of my work/study mates asked me today at smoko, whether the fruit I was eating was filling me up. In all honesty I said NO! its not filling me up but it is enough. After a few little crazy days, my mind is coming to the conclusion that I dont have to feel stuffed after eating to be satisfied. I did have some trouble with day 2 - 4 in feeling hungry, but I think it was more due to the stress of starting prac and my exam then from lack of food.

Anyway it's the end of the first week. Tomorrow morning is my official weigh-in and measuring. I will probably be up at 6am, something stupid like that and wooping or crying at the loss. Fingers crossed that the 1.5 kg stayed off and maybe even grew more.

Somewhere in this forum I read of another cohenite marking her 5kg losses with little charms for a braclet. I loved that idea, so went and bought myself a lovely celtic braclet and 1 charm to commemorate the start of my new life.

Until next time. Take care all



shell 18-07-2008 20:25

Hi Katie,

How exciting, having your first weigh in tomorrow!

Just a tip- wait about half an hour after you get up to weigh, you will weigh less!! :gscales:
Try it and see, you will be surprised. :eek:


Annabelle Joy 18-07-2008 23:17

Good luck with the weigh in, Katie. I hope you soon have a bracelet full of charms. :D

I find that I'm not tempted by all the things that I used to stuff in my mouth. I can now look at a laden table and think about what I would really like to try from it if I was able to eat anything. Previously, I wanted to try everything, and really didn't taste most of it.


katiefrank70 19-07-2008 12:03

first weigh in
hi all

had my very first weigh in this morn. yay I am sooooo excited i lost a cool 6.7 kg. :eek:
Thx for the tip shelly, I did try it and you were right. How on earth does that work???

Ok so 6.7kg equates to 6 lge tubs of marg, and almost a small one :eek:

where on earth was that lurking.

Ok so now that brings me to the 80's. I haven't been there for over 13years.

oh yeah, I measured and lost a cool 5" off my total, that is 12.5cm for those who think in metric.

Well Im off to celebrate my big loss :linenana:

Take care till next time


shell 19-07-2008 15:26

Hi Katie,
Well done on the 6.7kg!! :cheer:

Glad you liked the weighing tip!
I think it has to do with your body adjusting after sleeping- not sure how or why though?


Stoddy 19-07-2008 15:52

WOW ... well done Katie !! Great loss for the first week ... I think that is nearly my whole first months loss !! haha .. how funny we are all different !

Also a second congrats for being an 80's chicky !!!

Looks like this program is perfect for you .. well done .. and at this rate all that weight will be gone in no time !!

Aloha 19-07-2008 16:30

hi katie ...i've been absent for a few weeks.....but i wanted to welcome you and congratulate you on your loss.....keep up the good work....

Annabelle Joy 19-07-2008 21:19

Great loss, Katie. Already more than 10% done.

I buy 12 litre containers of water, which I have trouble lifting. You've lost more than half of one already.


katiefrank70 22-07-2008 22:40

Day 11
hi all

Thanks guys once again for the encouragement. I have been busy reading up on everyone's diaries but there are soooo many and so little time. I had to really search for mine, lost in pg 3 i think.

Well today in class, a few girls commented on how they can see some weight loss. That tickled me no end. Just gives one a boost and conviction to carry on. One friend even asked me about the cohens diet already. So I told her all about this wonderful forum and just forward the link on to her tonite.

Well after a crazy weekend and what looked like an unexplained 2kg gain :bscales: Im happy to say that it must have been fluid retention from a lazy weekend. If you can call "catching up on that housework" a lazy day, then so be it :o.

Due to that scare I became slightly obsessed over weighing myself, and am happy to say that this morn I had dropped the extra 2kgs plus extra weight as well. To say I was over the moon is an understatement.:groovy:I couldnt help myself I had to do my little crazy dance in the knickers. Not a pretty sight I can tell ya, but what happens behind closed doors is anyones guess ;-)

I am realy enjoying this diet and all its benefits and its only day 11. I can see why soooo many ppl here are so enthused about Cohens. The future is looking gooooood!!1

well time to catch some zzzzzz's and lose weight (Im hoping)

Gnite all


Annabelle Joy 22-07-2008 23:25

Katie, I'm running short of time this evening. Planning to stop in on everyone and read, and just let you know I was here. Too much time spent doing things for others.


SOON TO BE 22-07-2008 23:35

Hi Katie,
You are doing so well, I find I always go up 1 or2 kg even gone up 3 kg,before a big loss, then the next day lose it plus more, went from 104 to 107 in 24 hr period then next 24 hr down to 102, really bizzare, but as long as it keeps going down I dont really care how, some of us must hang onto fluid more than others. Keep at it & goodluck
Tara x

katiefrank70 25-07-2008 20:16

Hi folks

Thanks for dropping by and your kind comments. Well today marks the end of my second week. Time to weigh and measure again :-|

Well I have been a little obsessed over the scales this week. Since my weight keeps flucuating a lot, with absolutly no deviations, I couldn't work it out. So now maybe Im thinking its the cheap digital scales I bought from Big W. So I have reinvested in a better quality set. It even calculates my BMI and water retention. Wow things get smarter and smarter don't they :shock: Hopefully that will help with the wildly fluctuating weigh ins.

i have been reading up on here, and decided to do the switcheroo with the meal plans. Instead of having heavy meat at night, I have to try and swallow it at 6am :eek:. Not the easiest I tell you, since I have really started to enjoy the yoghurt. Oh ya I got brave today and uploaded some very ordinary pics. It helps knowing that I am trying to do something about it

Well until tomorrow after weigh in (the official one) Take care


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