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My NYF Diary
Exclamation Line by line instructions to create or update tickers

1 - First of all Go here:

2 - Click "Create Your Own Ticker" or "Create a New Ticker" if you have already tried and have a password/pin already.

3 - On the next page "Welcome to" scroll down to the section entitled "Weight Loss/Fitness"

4 - Click the link "Weight Loss"

5 - On the next page Select your ticker Ruler by clicking on the circle to the left of the ruler.

6 - Go to the bottom right of the page and click "Next"

7 - On the new page "Select your Ticker Slider" again by clicking on the circle to the left of the slider image you want.

8 - Go to the bottom right of the page and click "Next"

9 - On the new page "Configure your Weight Tracker Ticker:"

10 - Under Setup create a password/pin by typing it into the box provided

11 - Leave the Privacy section at the default "Public Data"

12 - Use either the "Weight" or "Weight Change" ticked under the "Track" heading.

Koh here - for those who are wanting the best support, give us all the data (i.e. choose "weight" - and add the BMI option too) and we will be able to watch and encourage as you near and pass each goal.

But, for those who DON'T wish to share their weight, choose "weight-change" as it really does keep us "in the dark" about your weight, until you feel ready to share. You will have to tell us as you near each goal, as we won't know....

13 - Weight Measurements change to Kilograms.

14 - Next type in your target weight (usually somewhere around Cohen's range)

15 - Then type in your Starting Weight

16 - Now type in your Current Weight

17 - Then type in the Current Weight Date (today's date? or the date of the weigh-in)

18 - You can leave the fields under the "Waist Measurements" blank

19 - Under the heading of Body Mass Index (BMI) change the "Height Units" from "English" to "Metric/S.I."

20 - Now type in your height in the box provided. If you are 1.65 m tall put 1 in the "m" box and 65 in the "cm" box.

21 - At the bottom right of the page now click "Next"

22 - At the new page you will see the following "Done! Your Ticker:" and directly below it you will see your new ticker.

23 - Leave the "Size Option" and "Background Option" as "Large" & "Light"

24 - Now scroll down the page (DO NOT click on the buttons "BACK" & CONFIGURE ANOTHER TICKER") to the section directly below the buttons "Cut and past code for most boards and web pages:"

25 - There you will see two boxes with code in them. One is entitled "bbCode:" In this box copy ALL the code in the box and then paste it into the Signature box located in your "User CP" module.

26 - The code should look something like this:

[img][/img ]
[/url ]
without the spaces in [/img ] & [/url ]

You need to ensure that all the tags are at the beginning and end and both lines are copied. I suggest opening Notepad and pasting it there first to ensure that you have something that looks similar (the code 'wqKyJh6' will be the only thing that is different from my example).

27 - Now return to the New You Site and open your "User CP" which can be found at the top right of the page just below the colourful logo at the top of the page.

28 - Once on the "User CP" page scroll down the left side menu to the section entitled "Settings & Options"

29 - Click on the "Edit Signature" link. Now copy and paste the 'code' you copied and pasted into Notepad into the "Edit Signature" Box. Once this has been done and it appears like the example noted in line 26, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Preview Signature" if the preview is okay then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save Signature".

You are done. Congratulations!

When you want to update your ticker do the following.

1 - Click on your signature. This will open the site to your ticker data page.
You should see your ticker and a weight chart (the chart will only show up after the 1st update).

2 - If your PIN: box is already filled in with ****** just click on the "edit/Update Weight Data" tourquoise box directly below your PIN.

3 - This will open up the weight data page. Re-enter your password in the "Password/Pin:" box

4 - Go down to the "Weight Measurements" section and change "Your Current Weight" to the new weight.

5 - Change the "Weight Date" to the new date (be sure you enter your dates in the US fashion with the month leading the date.

6 - Go to the bottom of the page and click "next". This will take you to a new page showing the updated ticker. (if it does not - don't fret! Just hit your refresh button in your browser menu to refresh the page).

7 - Return to the New You page and click refresh and you should see your updated ticker.


Koh again - one extra point to note is that every post made BEFORE your signature was created will NOT show your ticker. Every post made after your ticker was added will show your ticker.
My Original Weight-Loss Chart. . . . Personal Target: 69kg; End of refeed: 68.2kg; 1 year later: 69.5kg; 2 years later: 71.5kg; 3 years later: 65.5kg; 6 years later: 68.5kg

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