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Hi folks back again.

Thank you for your kind replies. Great idea stoddy on keeping bickies at work. I will have to carry a few with me, would hate to start deviating. First time is always the hardest right??

Well today was very interesting. Found out I am an emotional eater. Just lately due to study and work I have been under a lot of stress. I had my calcs and med exam today. I was so scared I shook for hours after, even after I found out my results. I passed, I passed, I passed!!! all that cramming helped. Was like the world was lifted off my shoulders . In celebration the girls wanted to go to Maccas and have cappacino and muffin. It was one of the hardest things to say NO! be strong, I cant go because its too early to put temptation in my path. So far I haven't found it so difficult but today, it would have been too hard.

I was very naughty today and weighed myself. Didn't wait until my saturday weigh date. Just jumped straight on and found out I have lost 1.5 kg. wooooohhoooo in only 3 days. I had to text my mum straight away because I was so excited. I guess this progress kept me straight and eager to continue. That 1.5 kg equates 3 med size margarines. When I think of it this way, its like WOW, that much. Gives me context.

So all in all, I have had a wonderful day. The future beckons, and so does my tea. Im starving!!!
Take care all. May your hands always have something to do
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