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Default Day 11

hi all

Thanks guys once again for the encouragement. I have been busy reading up on everyone's diaries but there are soooo many and so little time. I had to really search for mine, lost in pg 3 i think.

Well today in class, a few girls commented on how they can see some weight loss. That tickled me no end. Just gives one a boost and conviction to carry on. One friend even asked me about the cohens diet already. So I told her all about this wonderful forum and just forward the link on to her tonite.

Well after a crazy weekend and what looked like an unexplained 2kg gain Im happy to say that it must have been fluid retention from a lazy weekend. If you can call "catching up on that housework" a lazy day, then so be it .

Due to that scare I became slightly obsessed over weighing myself, and am happy to say that this morn I had dropped the extra 2kgs plus extra weight as well. To say I was over the moon is an understatement.I couldnt help myself I had to do my little crazy dance in the knickers. Not a pretty sight I can tell ya, but what happens behind closed doors is anyones guess

I am realy enjoying this diet and all its benefits and its only day 11. I can see why soooo many ppl here are so enthused about Cohens. The future is looking gooooood!!1

well time to catch some zzzzzz's and lose weight (Im hoping)

Gnite all

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