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Default Re: Koh's blog - "Not the Nine O'Clock News"

For those who knew me and cared when things weren't going so well, I just wanted to do a bit of an update.

In one of my last updates, I mentioned the Sporting Club that I had hoped might be the silver lining for me. Turned out it wasn't - I suspect now that they "took me on" just for a week until someone else came back from sickness or whatever, as I was out of work again within two weeks !!

So "Boo!" to that one. Lots of other things happened - we took on domestic cleaning as we still couldn't get a pension (all because of the properties we had bought while investing... we were "asset rich and cash poor").

In early 2014 my Mum had a fall - she broke her leg, went into surgery, and appeared to be on the mend 3 weeks later, when she must have just "had enough" and she passed away peacefully. She had made 94, so had done pretty good, and had got to spend the last 5 years of her life nearby to my sister in Chch, so I am sure that helped her to be happy while in a rest home. She was an astonishing woman, one that I was (and still am) proud to call "My Mum". Vale Muriel

As 2013 and 2014 went on, Mrs Koh became steadily more and more weak. She was losing weight over those two years, but steadfastly refused to go to a Doctor, instead sticking to her favourite "alternate adviser". Despite my best efforts to discuss her health logically, she clung to her beliefs stubbornly, and steadily went downhill. Late in 2014, one of our sons managed to convince her that she really should "get a second opinion". Just after Xmas she relented and visited a local doctor. His actions (after a quick xray) were swift. He said to me "Will you drive her straight to hospital, or should I call an ambulance?" He had diagnosed Pneumonia - and that is not an illness to muck around with. At the Emergency section of the Hospital, we were attended to within 10 minutes - the "Triage" aspect told me "This certainly was serious" - usually, any trips to Emergency would see us there for an hour or more before being handled.

She was hospitalised for about 5 days - in that time, the antibiotics had her taste buds affected majorly. Even her cups of tea tasted "terrible" apparently. But there were a couple of huge silver linings - one was that, while she was hospitalised, she couldn't smoke, so I didn't either (I had been on Champix to get myself off them anyway - and it had been helping me to cut way back...) On coming out, she stayed off them until the first night when she woke to say "I'm dying for a ciggie". My sleepy answer was "They're on the fridge!" She didn't get one that night, nor the next night, the night after......

We had stumbled on "a way that worked for us". They were always "there and available" for either of us if we wanted them. We hadn't "thrown them in the bin" and then grieved for what we didn't have any more....

It worked!!

That newly opened pack of ciggies remained on the fridge until we threw them out some 18 months later - they were looking pretty awful by then !!

The other good thing was that Mrs Koh regained her weight quite quickly. She reached her full fighting weight of 55Kg within about 3 months and has stayed there (plus or minus about 3Kg) from then until now. Her health is fully restored once more - that took a whole heap of concern off the table !!

What else? Well, we now only have one investment property left (the Holiday House in Springbrook). The rest were sold to "keep us going". We should be able to get something of a pension soon, but I am not holding my breath..... The paperwork needed to get a pension going would kill a small forest to make paper !! Especially if one owns a few properties..... but that is less of a problem now for us.

So yeah, for a while there, things were pretty full-on, and not in a good way. But we appear to be through most of that now. Keep your fingers crossed for us,

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