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Gee - it's about time for another update !! Slack puppy !!
Well things seem to be finally settling down for us. We got an age pension just a few weeks ago. The path to getting one though is still REALLY bumpy - but I guess we were lucky - I just read some pensioners had to wait 9 months from the time of their first application. We got ours within 6 months - but only because we called on "our local MP". What a top move that turned out to be.
As a typical "fix-it" male, I was taking the fight up with Centrelink on a regular basis. Each time I went there, I would be seated in front of a different adviser. And, each time I went there, I would find out they were telling me something different to the one before.
I worked out that very few advisers know a damn thing about their job. And, as one who is DEPENDING on their guidance, it turned into a fiasco. My wife used to NOT ask how it went after each visit there. (Smart girl!)
I was like a Basset Hound with a sore head - and she tells me it wasn't pretty. But she got an idea and called our local MP - and guess what?

That was THE ANSWER !! Within about two weeks of informing them of our plight, we were all lined up ready for take-off on the PENSION flight.

It concerns me that there may be MANY others in a similar fractious situation. We are dependent on "knowledgeable advice" when facing a situation we have no knowledge of ourselves - and thus, we are quite vulnerable. NOT a good place to be in for those who are older and less able to help themselves as well as they did in younger years.
Anyway, we now have our pension (or a part of one) and that gives us other benefits (health card discounts on meds, rates relief are two that I know of). It also means there is a regular input to our bank now, so things can be set up to Direct Debit on a regular basis (very hard to do when any income is not regular, and not guaranteed at all).

So, at last, the Sun is shining a wee bit and we are eating regularly now.
Keep well all,

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