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Default Re: Binge Eating, Anxiety, Obsession and Panic


I used to have a problem with sweet cravings and subsequent binge eating. I learnt that I was overloaded by fluoride and deficient in iodine. With fluoride in the water supply in most places these days, if you are at all deficient in iodine, fluoride is taken up in the iodine receptors and can lead to problems with insulin and sugar cravings.

Not only is fluoridated water a problem (we absorb it through washing, showering, swimming as well as drinking) when we are iodine deficient, but other foods processed in water and containing fluoride can be real problems. Tea is very high in fluoride and iced tea is through the roof. Fish can be high in fluoride and canned soft drink of any sort can be quite high too as it is produced with fluoridated water.

It is very hard to reduce fluoride use particularly when the water supply is artificially fluoridated. You can stop using fluoride toothpaste. The key is to up the iodine so it will reclaim its receptors and stop the fluoride having such a negative effect. The product you need to use as a supplement is atomic iodine.

How do I know all this? I was poisoned by high fluoride emissions as a child when we lived just a few hundred metres from a fertiliser manufacturing plant. It has taken me decades to learn why I have had so many health problems and to be able to fix them - partially with iodine. One of the big issues I had as a result was sugar cravings and bingeing on carbs. I began taking the iodine a month before I started on Cohens. It has made a huge difference to my health and I wish I had learnt about this a long time ago.

Loss of weight might also exacerbate fluoride overload as you probably have the same amount of fluoride in your body but less body to disperse it - maybe?

This is what I use and I noticed a change within days.
[Edited later by Kohinoor> The above link gives a 404 error, but by going to the primary url, it transcribes to the following link.
Once at that site, look for the Products tab - nascent iodine is still available there]
If you google fluoride and impaired glucose tolerance you will see that scientific results (mainly with rats) is showing a strong correlation.

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