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Default Re: Life after Re-feed-thought this might be helpful

Good cut & paste from the other forum. If you really read it, it is just telling us what we already know but just don't want to admit.

Let's look at it another way. There will always be people who think there is a magic bullet, be it the latest fad, Atkins, South Park, WW, and the myriad other weight loss programs and diet pills, appetite suppressants an what not. The truth of the matter is there is no magic or bullet. It's all down to greed and the lack of self control. What got the majority of us where we were before starting Cohen's? Or, for that matter ANY diet program?

If we are honest with ourselves in most cases it's just not eating with common sense. I used to be the family garbage disposal. My problems in later life came from changing jobs without changing the eating habits. I was always a fast eater (some say I used to inhale food). This normally results in me gorging and stopping due to physical discomfort rather than eating slowly and waiting for the blood sugar to tell my brain I've had enough.

It will not matter one iota how much we lose on this program or any other program. It won't matter if we follow the program 100% from start to finish. If we are not prepared to change our lives, we will ultimately revert back to our former selves. It's the same thing I said about smoking. I smoked for 37 years. When I quit 3 years ago, I laid them down and never looked back. I quit! I didn't stop smoking, I "quit" smoking. It like pulling up to a stop sign - you know that you will go again so it's only temporary in nature. Oh, sure I had to make some adjustments in my life as a result of it. I now rarely drink as well. Why? Because I don't like smoky bars now. Sometimes a lifestyle changes are a good thing.

So I guess the short answer is if a person isn't prepared to change their lifestyle, they will only be "temporarily" successful.


My Original Weight-Loss Chart. . . . Personal Target: 69kg; End of refeed: 68.2kg; 1 year later: 69.5kg; 2 years later: 71.5kg; 3 years later: 65.5kg; 6 years later: 68.5kg
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