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Old 14-07-2008, 22:44
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Default My new life

Hi, my name is Katie. I have been a cohenite for a whole 3 days. I have a lot of weight to lose, and Cohen's is the first ever Proper diet I have ever done.
In my research on Cohen's, I came across your wonderful forum. And after spending many many hours of reading and recipe swipeing , (which I hope you don't mind, they all sounded so yummy.) I started my Plan on the 12 July. It was great to read the diaries, the problems, and the support that is so consistantly evident here. I find this forum to be a very strong source of inspiration.
I decided to do the diary as it seems to really help those who are having trouble. And if some way, that my story will even remotely help anyone, then that is terrific.
My mum told me about the Cohen's through a close friend of hers being a successful cohenite. We were going to do the plan together, but unfortunately due to long life of illness, mum is unable to do it. But wishes all the best to us who have decided to take our "bad" lifestyle and change it for the better.
Being a very busy woman, with studying, teens, work. Life was always the fastest way to eat. Hence the huge weight gain. Now with a little prep work, my kids are terrific in helping, I can come home from work and have my meal cooked within 15mins. Loving it
I decided not to hide from friends or workmates in regards to my transition to Cohen lifestyle. How can you hide it when the weight seems to evaporate in thin air. And am very surprised at the reaction I have been receiving. So many bad, unsupportive comments have been flowing to me. Just the other night, I was asked to work on, and not having any allowed food with me, I just asked for a cracker and 1/2 orange to tie me over till I got home. My supervisor sneered at me, and said "oh that's right, you're on THAT diet". I was hurt and more than a bit upset, then it hit me. A lot of people dont want you to succeed, because they don't have the courage to change. It only made me more determine to succeed. My family are the support I need.
Anyhoo, enough of the negative, I must say, that the polls were a great idea. In fact the whole of this site is great. I want to say thank you to all of how supportive, how informative you all are. This transition wont be the easiest thing I have done. But if it's worth doing, it's worth doing properly. I would love to post a before pic of me, but couldn't find out how. Though they are rare, I HATE the reality of photos and of what I let myself become.
Well until next time. Keep up the good work cohenites.

(not sure if the ticker will work) not good at computers
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