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Old 17-08-2009, 23:10
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Question refeed and your period?

I would like to know, and I don't know if it's a stupid question, but would you wait for after your menstrual period before you start your refeed? for as I understand you need to fall back 2 days when you gain weight during refeed?

I need to go for my blood test this week and I'm actually at my goal weight, but deviated this weekend with a few extra fruit and crackers... and gained a few hundred grams. would like to get rid of them before I start refeed, Im due for my period in about 10 days and would like to know if you would have waited till after, or would you start your refeed?

as I understand the refeed is rather importand and you can see the effect some of the foods influences on your body... I don't want to mess up my refeed (when do you know your weight gain is menstrual related or due to a new added food on refeed)

please advise?

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