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Exploding Cohen's Myths
Back-ache is a sign of refeed readiness:
This isn't true. Whilst it CAN be true that changes in posture can cause muscular aches, and this is often timed around when you're finishing the programme, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with reaching a metabolic equilibrium.

You should drink 3-4 lt water a day... or... You should drink 1/2 litre per 25kg bodyweight.
Dr Cohen requires that you drink between 2-3lt water per day. The ONLY exception to this is if you're working either in the sun, or heavy sweaty work. This is irrespective of your bodyweight. If you usually drink more, or WANT to drink more, fine, but sip through the day, not skull it all at once.

Exercise speeds up weight loss:
Well, that really depends on what weight loss system you employ. If you are a 'count calories' kind of person, then yes, exercise probably does help.

Excercise on Cohens will not speed up your weightloss. If anything, it will slow your progress down.

Exercise is taken into account when a programme is written:
This is absolutely NOT true. NO exercise information is sent to Dr Cohen when a programme is being written. The question is asked on the enrolment form purely to trigger your clinic to discuss exercise with you.

It is TOTALLY UNSAFE (and plain STUPID) to do a heavy exercise or training regime while you are on Cohens, there is simply NOT ENOUGH food eaten to do this. I've heard of people doing really dumb things like starting rowing competitions or training for Marathons while eating Cohens then wondering why they get sick. Use your common sense! LIGHT exercise only.

Dr Cohen is not real
Yes he is !

How do I make a Ticker ?

The instructions are here

How quickly will I lose weight and how much weight will I lose?

Koh answers this one here.

If you need some inspiration from others who had the same amount to lose as you, check out the Hall of Fame.

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